GHT-21 hydrorefining catalyst

English name GHT-21 hydrorefining catalyst
Features GHT-21 is a new generation of hydrogenation refining catalyst produced by modified r-Al2O3 as carrier, tungsten nickel and additives as active components and adopting advanced preparation methods. It has the following characteristics: ○ Lower bulk density ○ Low metal content, reasonable component matching ○ Suitable acid function ○ Good activity stability, especially good olefin saturation performance ○ Good regeneration performance
Code GHT-21
Shape bluish grey cloverleaf
Spec.mm Φ1.6×3-8
Specific pore volume, ml/g 0.50-0.60
Specific surface, m2/g ≥180
Bulk density, g/ml ≥0.74
Compressive strength, N/cm ≥ 180
NiO, m% ≥2.4
WO3, m% ≥12.0
Auxiliaries, m2/g ---
Application range It is suitable for the hydrogenation of gasoline distillate raw materials such as straight-run naphtha, coker gasoline, catalytic gasoline, pyrolysis gasoline, etc. under low pressure, to remove the saturation of sulfur, nitrogen and olefins in the raw materials, and can be used for regeneration. GHT-21 catalyst has excellent olefin hydrogenation and saturation function, and also has certain desulfurization and denitrification functions. It can be used alone. For example, GHT-21 / GHT-22 two-stage filling process can be used to saturate, desulfurize and denitrify olefins. To achieve the best response.
Packing In special-purpose iron drum lined with double-layer plastic bag, net wt. 140Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Protect from water, moisture and other chemical pollution
○Handle with care, avoid falling of catalysts from high place
○Operate strictly in accordance with GHT catalysts' directions for use, and under the guidacne of prefessional technicians.

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