GCJ-43 active proppant

English name GCJ-43 active proppant
Features GCJ-43 active proppant adopts macroporous γ-Al2O3 tablet forming carrier, W-NI is a new generation of hydrogenation protective agent. It has the following characteristics: ○ High strength and large particles ○ Large pore size and pore volume ○ High active component content and good activity stability ○ Slow carbon deposition rate and long service life
Code GCJ-43 Details
Appearance columned
Spec., mm Φ4.0-4.5
Strength, N/cm ≥180
Bulk density, g/ml ≥0.70
WO3, m% ≥12.0
Ni0, m% ≥1.0
Auxiliaries, m% ---
Application range Mainly used for middle-high pressure hydrogenation of middle distillate oil and heavy oil, saturated feedstock diene and deposits containing a small amount of colloid, asphaltene, residual carbon and residual iron and other impurities to prevent coking at the top of the bed of the hydroconversion catalyst The reaction pressure is increased to protect the hydroconversion catalyst and make the device operate normally. It is especially suitable for the main catalyst for protecting the downstream of the pre-bed.
Packing In special fiber drum lined with double-layer plastic bag, net wt. 25Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Protect from water, moisture and other chemical pollution
○No rolling of fiber drum; avoid falling of catalysts from high place

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