GHC-51 hydro-upgrading catalyst

English name GHC-51 hydro-upgrading catalyst
Features GHC-51 is a new generation of hydrogenation reforming catalyst with specific molecular sieve and r-Al2O3 mixture as carrier, tungsten nickel as metal active component, with specific acid value and acid strength. Has the following characteristics:
○ Structure of specific molecular sieve is stable, with specific acid properties ○ Strong anti-ammonia and anti-acid properties ○ High activity, strong desulfurization, denitrification, aromatic saturation and ring opening reaction performance Requirements, in particular, can make inferior diesel to maximize cetane number, and increase diesel yield at the same time ○ long service life and good regeneration performance
Code GHC-51
Shape cloverleaf
Spec.,mm Φ1.6×3-8
Specific pore volume, ml/g 0.3-0.4
Specific surface, m2/g ≥270
Bulk density, g/ml ≥0.90
Compressive strength, N/cm ≥180
NiO, m% ≥8.5
WO3 ,m% ≥22.0
Infra-red acidity, mM/g ≥1.0
Application range It is suitable for hydrocracking (upgrading) of inferior diesel oils at low and medium pressures, often three / first-line distillate oils, and other inferior oils to produce high-quality steam, coal, diesel, chemical oil, naphtha and steam cracking Raw material.The agent can be used in single-stage single-agent process, and can also be used in two-stage or multi-stage hydrogenation process.
Packing In special-purpose iron drum lined with double-layer plastic bag, net wt. 160Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Protect from water, moisture and other chemical pollution
○Handle with care, avoid falling of catalysts from high place
○Operate strictly in accordance with GHC catalysts' directions for use, and must under the guidacne of prefessional technicians.

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