GJS-81 residual oil hydro-demetallization catalyst

English name GJS-81 residual oil hydro-demetallization catalyst
Features The GJS-81 catalyst has a large pore volume and a large pore size due to the use of a special large-pore alumina carrier. The catalyst has the following characteristics: ○ Strong metal containing capacity, high rate of demetallization (vanadium, nickel and other metals) ○ Carbon containing capacity Strong, high residual carbon removal rate ○ Slow down catalyst deactivation, long service life
Code GJS-81
Shape cloverleaf
Spec.,mm Φ1.2×3-8
Specific pore volume, ml/g 1.5-1.7
Specific surface, m2/g ≥260
Pore diameter,NM ≥30
Compressive strength, N/cm ≥80
MOO3,m% ≥9.0
NiO,m% ≥2.0
Auxiliaries, m2/g ---
Application range It is suitable for hydrodemetallization of heavy hydrocarbon raw materials (including crude oil, atmospheric or vacuum residue and atmospheric or vacuum distillate), especially suitable for hydrodemetalization of vacuum residue with high metal content To produce raw oil with low metal content and high added value.
Packing Closed tight in special iron drum lined with plastic bag, 140Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Avoid wter and moisture; no contact withother chemicals and hydrocarbon
○No throwing or rolling of iron drums when carrying them
○Operate strictly in accordance with GFB catalysts' directions for use, and under the guidacne of prefessional technicians.

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