GFC-50 gasoline non-hydrogenative refining upgrading catalyst

English name GFC-50 gasoline non-hydrogenative refining upgrading catalyst
Features Under low-pressure, non-hydrogen catalytic reaction conditions, using low-octane straight-run gasoline as raw material, under the action of GFC-50 catalyst, dehydroaromatization, isomerization, oligomerization, cyclization and A series of chemical reactions, such as selective cracking, produce olefin-free high-octane gasoline blending components and high-quality liquefied gas. Straight-run gasoline non-hydrogen upgrading technology has the characteristics of high gasoline octane value, low olefin content, low dry gas yield, and high total liquid yield; the catalyst is a mixed product of modified molecular sieve and γ-Al2O3, with ○ High activity and selectivity ○ Strong resistance to sulfur and chlorine ○ Reaction raw materials do not need to be refined ○ Reaction conditions are relaxed and the thermal effect is not large
Code GFC-50
Shape column
Spec.,mm Φ2×3-8
Specific pore volume, ml/g 0.27-0.30
Specific surface, m2/g ≥280
Bulk density, g/ml 0.68- 0.78
Compressive strength, N/cm ≥100
Al2O3,m % ≥32
SiO2, m % ≥64
Modified auxiliaries, m % ≥0.4
Application range It is suitable for small refineries with a single device structure. It has full practicality and economy in the process of upgrading gasoline quality. Suitable for non-hydrogen modification of C3-C11 fraction naphtha or oil field light hydrocarbons
Packing Closed tight in special iron drum lined with plastic bag, 160Kg/drum
Storage & Notes ○Avoid wter and moisture; no contact withother chemicals and hydrocarbon
○No throwing or rolling of iron drums when carrying them
○Products can leave factory in oxidized or reduced status
○Operate strictly in accordance with GFC-50 catalysts' directions for use, and under the guidacne of prefessional technicians.

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